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Do You Want To Lose Fat And Never Find It Again?
What Is The Fat Flush Formula?
Whilst working as a personal trainer on cruise ships, I stumbled across something significant with my clients who wanted to achieve faster fat loss.

This discovery proved to be pretty amazing at melting fat off the body in a relatively short space of time.

It's a combination of short strength training sessions and a manipulation (for lack of a better word) of your eating habits - NOT A RESTRICTIVE DIET.

But, here's the coolest part, the results come FAST. In fact, the entire program lasts 14 days.

I'm offering this program to a small group of people who are interested in burning a lot of fat. I'm calling it the '14-Day Fat Flush Formula'.

If you're interested in joining my small group of 'beta testers' and getting fast fat loss results in 14 days, then claim your place by clicking that shinny blue button.

What's the catch? All I ask is that you follow my recommendations, get great results and provide me with an amazing testimonial, just like those below.
Nathan Carr BSc CPT
Sports Rehabilitator/PersonalTrainer

Lyndsey Hardey

I lost 3 kgs in 2 weeks and learnt so much about how to eat for sustained fat loss.

Sanoop George

I recommend this program to anybody who wants to learn how to eat their favourite foods whilst losing fat. 

Sandra Stuckenbruck

My belly is flatter and more toned, which is not easy after having two kids.

Mike Sydenham

I've lost 4kgs and my energy has gone through the roof. I couldn't be more pleased. 
What You'll Receive FREE With This Program...
  •  6 Personal Training Sessions
  •  Training and Nutrition Consultation
  •  The Food For Fat Loss Blueprint (Ebook)
  •  Progress Tracking Tool
  •  24/7 Phone Q&A Support
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